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Ungrateful daughter humiliates her mother for being poor – Then life teaches her a lesson

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The following story is one of a journey that goes from entitlement to humility.

When a young woman named Sophie entered a boutique together with her mom, Eleanor, she wanted to try a red velvet dress that she wanted to pair with sequined black jacket. She loved how the fabric felt on her fingers, and asked her mom what she thought about her choice of outfit for the upcoming party.

Her mom, looking at the price tag which showed the dress cost $1,500, knew there was no change she could afford it so she asked Sophie to try something else, something that didn’t cost a fortune.

But Sophie insisted.

“What makes you special is who you are, not what you wear, dear. And this,” Eleanor told her daughter, adding that $1,500 was way too much for a dress.

Realizing her mom wasn’t willing to pay that amount of money, Sophie came up with an idea. She told Eleanor to check out the store next door, assuring her she would buy something within the budget. However, once Eleanor left the store, Sophie used her credit card to pay for the red dress.


Eleanor waited her daughter in the car and the moment Sophie got inside, Eleanor confronted her.

“I just got the message that there was a large charge from the boutique on my credit card. Care to explain?” she demanded.

“I bought the dress. I deserved it, Mom. You wouldn’t understand.”

“Steal from me for vanity?” Eleanor raised her voice. “How could you, Sophie?”

Sophie acted like an entitled child. Eleanor couldn’t believe that her daughter could be like that. It was as though Sophie forgot about the values her mother taught her to live by.

“You’ve crossed a line, Sophie,” Eleanor said. “This isn’t just about a dress. It’s about trust and responsibility—values I thought I taught you.”

The mom demanded Sophie return the dress the following day.

At that moment, Sophie felt bad. She decided not to go to the party that night, but she had already used her mom’s credit card in order to buy the dress, so she came up with an idea on how to use that dress in order to make some money.

However, she had no idea the plan she came up with was going to put her in trouble.

Sophie went to a restaurant next to the store where she bought the dress in an attempt to find a man who would fund the luxurious lifestyle she had always dreamed of.


Once at the restaurant, a gentleman adorned in a tuxedo, radiating charm and affluence, caught her attention.

The man, who introduced himself as Alexander, seemed to be as attracted to Sophie as she was to him.

“Please, join me,” he said to her, rising to greet her as she approached.

Engaged in conversation, Sophie found herself captivated, relishing the enchanting evening spent in his company. Yet, amidst the allure, she remained mindful of her objective.

“What brings you here?” she asked, aware of he wasn’t from her hometown judging from his accent.

“I am from Europe. I come here because of business ventures.”

Sophie’s curiosity rose. “That must be exhilarating—exploring different corners of the globe, encountering new cultures.”

“At times, it can be a solitary endeavor,” Alexander confessed.

As they engaged deeper into their conversation, they unearthed unexpected facets of each other’s personalities. Initially drawn to Alexander’s wealth, Sophie found herself gradually abandoning such superficial considerations as they reveled in the delight of shared anecdotes and cherished moments.

“You know, it’s not often you meet someone who appreciates the finer things in life,” she said as she glanced at his fancy watch, trying to remind herself why she was there with him in the first place.

“Sophie,” he said in a way that was kind but serious, “I really like spending time with you. But I do hope you’re not thinking that my feelings can be bought.”


It was obvious he was aware of her plan, and he told her that in a manner that wasn’t supposed to hurt her feelings but serve as a wake up call.

As Sophie attempted to steer the conversation toward matters of wealth, she was met with a piercing gaze from Alexander. Once warm and inquisitive, his eyes now seemed to penetrate straight through her facade.

“Are you passing judgment on me?” Sophie asked. “Isn’t it easy for someone like you, surrounded by luxury, to overlook the importance of appearances?”

Alexander appeared to be growing impatient. “So, you’re suggesting that appearance is everything? Do you truly believe that superficiality defines a person’s worth?”

Sophie held her ground. “Well, maintaining a certain image can certainly benefit some individuals.”

“No, it’s what you do that counts. Being honest, working hard, and caring for others,” Alexander said.


However, their argument turned heated at some point and Sophie poured wine on him before she fled the restaurant. She started questioning her life choices and decisions and knew she needed to return the dress back the following day.

“Hello, I bought this dress here, but there’s a little problem,” Sophie said to the woman working at the store.

“Oh dear, I see there’s a stain on it. I’m really sorry but we can’t take back dresses once they’ve been worn or damaged,” the woman said.

“But I need to return it. Please, can’t you do something?” Sophie pleaded.

The lady explained that there was nothing she could do and advised Sophie to sell it online if she needed money that badly.

Just then, Alexander, whom Sophie met the previous night, approached her. “I couldn’t help but overhear,” he said. “Actually, I own this place.”

Sophie was surprised. “You do? Why didn’t you tell me before?” she asked.

“It just never came up. But listen, I have an idea. How about you work here for a bit? You can earn some money to cover the dress, and then we can sort everything out. I believe in second chances.”

Taking a moment to collect herself, Sophie made a decision. “Alright, I’ll do it. I want to make amends.”

She knew it was her chance to try and make some money herself instead of asking from her mom or from rich people she would meet at bars and restaurants.


The lady who worked at the store, Maria, became a source of inspiration for Sophie. Besides attending night classes, Maria still found the time to work, and she did incredible job running that store.

After some time, Alexander asked Sophie to come to his office. He said that she had paid off the dress, since the store returned the money to her mom’s card and Sophie was to pay for it herself, and asked her if she wanted to continue working there.

Sophie was over the moon. She loved her job, and she enjoyed helping customers choose the perfect outfits, so she was more than happy to accept the offer.

Next, Sophie called her mom and told her about the dress, and how she got a job at the store. She thanked her mom for trying to teach her the right values and helped her realize she shouldn’t be an entitled brat.

We are glad Sophie chose the right path.

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