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Miranda Lambert on how she really feels about Gwen Stefani

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One thing the world was sure of was that Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton were going to last. But as we all know, that’s not how things ended between the couple who once gave the world of country music stomach butterflies.

While still married to Lambert, Shelton met singer Gwen Stefani on The Voice in 2014. At the time, Stefani was also with someone else, but a photo of the two taken in November 2014 made many believe that there was something more than a friendship between them.

The rumors turned out to be true when both Shelton and Stefani ended their respective marriages. By November 2015, they were official, and everyone saw them as the new powerful music couple.

As they announced their romance, all eyes were on Shelton’s ex, Lambert, who at the time said that she’s now divorced and her ex can date whomever he wanted.

On top of that, it was reported that the relationship between Shelton and Stefani didn’t come as a surprise to Lambert, according to E!, because the two “they “…were always pretty flirty. Miranda and Blake were on the rocks on and off and knew that this could always be a possibility.”

Another source shared with Us Weekly that Lambert had “had her suspicions,” but she didn’t have hard feelings towards Stefani at the time.

Back in July 2018, Lambert recalled hanging up the phone to a reporter to asked her about her feelings towards Stefani.

“… I got on the phone for the first interview. First question was, ‘How do you feel about Gwen [Stefani]?’” Lambert explained. “I hung up. I told [manager] Marion [Kraft], I just can’t do this.” She continued: “What was in the music was real, and I wanted people to get it from that. Take from it what they would. Then if I needed to talk, I would.”

However, despite the fact that Shelton seemed to move on pretty quickly after his divorce with Lambert, she has never commented her ex’s new relationship and she has never gotten into a feud with Stefani.

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